USDA Home Loan Eligibility Requirements

 Getting a good loan with affordable terms can be quite a challenge. It is because most loans in the United States of America have high-interest rates and the requirements are very demanding.

Most home loans also require a cash deposit. The dreaded “down payment”.

 The only home loan that’s available with a no down payment is the VA loan. However, this loan is only meant for US Armed Service Veterans or active duty. Thus, the general public lack access to it. However, this does not mean that your dream home will not become a reality if you can’t come up with a down payment.

 The United States Department of Agriculture has got you covered.

With a USDA Home Loan, you can be sure that you get enough capital to buy your dream home by providing you with a loan with NO down payment. A 0% down home loan will always make it easier to move into the house of your dreams. In addition to this, the interest rates on USDA loans are very low:  it’s almost a half of the interest rates on Normal FHA loans!

USDA loans provide full financing on homes which are located in the suburbs and all the rural areas in the United States. Better yet, these loans do not require any down payment. There are several requirements which any citizens who seek financing from the USDA must meet to be considered. These requirements include the following:

·         As stated above, A USDA Home Loan are only available for Americans who wish to buy homes located in the suburbs and rural areas of the US.

·         USDA loans do not have a limit on the amount of money that they are willing to offer individuals or families, however, the amount of money that an individual receives solely depends on the income of the applicant.

·         The home that the buyer seeks to buy with a USDA loan must be his or her primary home. Moreover, the home must pass all the inspection tests which are done by a government licensed inspector.

·         USDA loans are only available for homes which are secure and meet standard requirements. This means that the inspecting officer must first determine the soundness and the quality of the home and then provide the report to USDA. These reports always play an important role in determining whether the firm should provide funding to buy the home or not.

 These are the most important requirements which any home must meet for the USDA to provide a loan to an applicant. In most cases, the firm also provides several suggestions to buyers on homes which meet all the above requirements. In this way, the process of identifying a home and acquiring the loan from USDA loans becomes fast and very easy. USDA loans cannot provide loans to an applicant who wants to buy a home that does not meet the above qualifications as it is not only violation of the set policies but also the home is deemed as a liability to the firm. USDA loans always avail information on these requirements through its official website which is

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